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So the first time I went looking for a realtor was a bit of a disaster.

He was a family friend's realtor and we definitely weren't on the same page as far as the process. I felt like I was kept in the dark a lot of the time. I gave it a month with this guy, but was already shopping for another realtor. The whole experience had me underwhelmed. Good old yelp, I found Kim Liew! She was the complete opposite of the first realtor I dealt with! I filled out the information on her page and no kidding, after pressing "send" I get a call from her. We talked for a couple of minutes, made plans to meet, got prequalified, talked about what kind of home I'm looking for, went home shopping twice and voila, in 10 days from meeting her, I'm signing papers for my first home. Even when she was on vacation she kept in touch. As a first time buyer, I trusted her and luckily the seller chose my offer. If anything, she's got a great team she works with as well. The people who helped me along the way throughout this process were great as far as facilitating the buying process. Don't get me wrong, you have to do your due diligence as a buyer as well like getting your paperwork ready. But when it comes to efficiency, knowledge of housing market and requirements, buyer advocate, I was glad I chose Kim.

Maureen Colcol

So good that we used her twice in one month!

My wife found Kim on Yelp, and being completely new to this area, we are glad we did. Kim was everything we wanted from an agent: responsive, informative, professional, and honest. On top of that, Kim was authentic, which made the process much less of a business and more of an adventure. Kim helped us negotiate and avoid a seller who was not being reasonable (last minute price increase, minimal incentives, no wiggle room for incentives). Through dialogue with Kim, we decided to keep our options open and we're very happy that we did. We ended up in a home that is much better for us, and Kim's partnership helped us to land it. In addition, we are fortunate to be having my parents move to the area as well. Our success with Kim led my referral to begin the search for my parents to be near their first grandchild. Once again, Kim was up to the task, and through strong communication, we were able to make the experience less hectic for my parents. This seller was also difficult to work with, but Kim handled most of it behind the scenes and negotiated to ensure a fair deal on our behalf. Without Kim, we would have paid more, and not had the support of someone who knows the local market to avoid unnecessary fees typically paid on behalf of the seller. How many agents do you know who close 2 houses within one month for the same family?! Call her today!

Raymond Salgunda

Kim is wonderful!

We found her through yelp and just like the other reviews state - you are in great hands if you choose her as your real estate agent! She is highly experienced and well versed in the real estate world. Kim works with the right people such as the loan officer, which makes it a smoother process, when buying a house. We purchased our second home with Kim so we now know the difference between a regular real estate agent (our first one) vs. someone like Kim, who will really work hard and make sure her clients are well informed throughout the buying process. What really stood out for us is how easy it was to communicate with Kim. She was able to juggle communicating with both my husband and I via texts, calls, and emails. She was easily accessible which was very important during the "looking at houses" stage (that took about 6 months). We would just text her when we would want to see a house and Kim would get back to us right away. Also, there was no sales pressure from her. When we were in doubt - she would advice us to think about it and go with our hearts! Kim would go the extra mile for you which she did for us even a week after we got the keys to the house! Lastly, she even gave and left us a small welcome gift in our new house which means a lot! We did not get that treatment from our last agent. Kim is sweet and amazing and we were lucky to have her! Thank you for everything Kim =)

Diane Chau

Buying a home can be a stressful process, but Kim made sure everything went as smoothly as possible for my wife and I.

Kim answered all of our concerns, referred us to a great lender, and helped us find the perfect home. From the moment we started working with her, Kim maintained constant communication, keeping us updated each step of the way. She was also aggressive, yet professional, when dealing with all parties. From the seller, to the lender, title company, etc., Kim made sure everything was signed quickly and that no steps were missed. We are so glad to have been able to work with Kim. She is very professional, knows the local market, and truly cares about her clients.

Ryan DelaCruz

If you are still looking for a real estate agent, look no further.

You want and need Kim Liew in your corner, representing you. Here's why. Where do I began? Dreams! Dreams are something that we let our hearts and mind wonder about how life could be when we get to a certain age or time. I've been dreaming about so many things, from fancy Europe tours to one day purchasing a home. Well, I'll tell you this, one of the many dreams I've had actually came true for me and my husband. Although the hardest part was trying to save a penny, while living in one of the most expensive places in the world, the process of purchasing a house could be equally stressful. However, with the help and support of our real estate agent, Kim Liew, she made this process fun, engaging, and exciting. I'm not sure how she does it but her Sundays were very much dedicated to us and on other days, she was always available as if we were her only client. I'm sure she's juggling multiple clients but she is just that professional about her attention and time with all her clients. Day one (2016), when I first approach Kim to just inquire about being qualified, with a smile, she directed me to speak with some folks she knew to help me get my feet wet. After learning more about the whole home-buying process, she kept me informed of the market changes, how to improve my credit score, how to prepare for when I am ready. I remember the initial consultation being very pleasant and she wasn't pushy at all. She was honest but respectful of my current situation. Fast forward to July 2017. After being married for just a little over 3 months, my husband and I decided it was time to start looking and take this idea of buying a house more seriously. I reached out to Kim, got pre-approved, and started our journey of house hunting. With so many ideas, we narrowed it down to a 3-bedroom, possible loft/office space, 2 car garage, master room with master bath (roman tub), walk in closet, and open space between the kitchen, dining and living room. We had a list and each house we looked at was missing a few items but it was fun to just imagine a life there. Kim would meet us as agreed and had her list for us. She geographically mapped out each tour and made sure we weren't buying a lemon but of course, she was open to take us to whatever house we wanted to see. First bid, rejected! Second bid? Rejected. Each rejection chipped away a little bit off our dream but Kim kept us positive and hopeful. After what it seems like we weren't going to be able to get something we'd had hope for, we got a call from a seller's agent who wanted us to bid on a house we toured on our own. A couple days later, we decided we wanted to put in an offer. We reached out to Kim and she quickly drafted up the offer. She was really quick - I was expecting it to be at least a 24 hr turn around but she surpassed my expectation. She worked rapidly and together, we got our offer accepted in less than 4 hrs. FOUR HOURS!!! If there was any record for fast agents, she'd make it to the top. Good lord, we were really impressed. After the acceptance, she worked even harder during the closing process and managed to close (escrow and all) in 26 days! Our dream home had everything from our checklist. Today, we are proud homeowners and many thanks to our fantastic agent, Kim. What are you waiting for? Don't just take my word, give her a call. You won't regret it, even if you aren't quite ready yet.

Mindy Saephan

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